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Since March 2004, TTS has provided knowledge-based resources to assist our client’s efforts at automating their process workflows. Clients across the GCC have benefited from TTS’ on-going attack on manual touch-points in and outside the corporate walls and among corporate vendors and partners.

TTS’ tactical and strategic efforts/concerns regarding — Automating Management Process Workflows — has led us to create the best-in-breed software solutions we offer today and will offer well into the future.

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Systems Integrator

Today’s Capital Market Financial Institutions are facing a challenge: to innovate rapidly, while also enhancing the digital customer experience dramatically. However, they are also heavily reliant on their highly complex legacy systems and battling with increased regulation. They need to deploy transformational technology that harmonizes and modernizes platforms.

TTS provides precisely the required level of technology delivery services and end-to-end support that they need; delivering on time and to budget.


TTS’ eSolutions Strategy

As business becomes more complex, strategies become more important, especially as efficiencies are going to be more difficult to achieve. To attain desired efficiencies, front-end solutions must be integrated with back-end systems. An unconnected or piecemeal system will be a strategic setback-and a major expense.

TTS can help your company integrate established corporate assets into a business strategy that will make your company more accessible to clients, connect supply chains, and streamline business transactional processes.


Why TTS ?

TTS has seen the dearth of experience across the GCC when it comes to application development; regardless of the industry sector. TTS expertise with Security Exchanges, Insurance, Banking and other Capital Market Financial entities puts it head and shoulders above our competitors.

Today, all software (legacy, current and future) must be able to “play well together” regardless of the platforms or the technologies being employed. This is where TTS rises above the competition. TTS offers software solutions tailored to a client’s specific needs/requirements.


TTS has as it’s foundation a firm belief that no one software company can provide ‘the total’ solution for every company.


TTS will bring together the Best-in-Class software products to provide all of these needed solutions. The answers to the problems faced by IT today lie in making all applications ‘play-well’ together; whether they are legacy, just put into production yesterday, internal or external.


 TTS’ key to its successful offerings stems from listening to the customer’s ‘pain points,’ and designing solutions to optimize the business processes that originate those ‘pain points.

TTS firmly believes that all companies must optimize the business processes within their organizations before tackling the processes of their business partners.

The Only GCC Company …

With 18 (Saudi Banks / Brokers) using TTS’ Automated Offer Management Solutions

  • Fully Automated Offer Management System – ‘GCC FIRST EVER’
  • Public website for subscription application submission – ‘GCC FIRST EVER’
  • Automated the use of ATMs for IPOs in Saudi Arabia – ‘GCC FIRST EVER’
  • Tradable Rights – ‘GCC FIRST EVER’ – Certified by Tadawul for Tradable Rights processing and support
  • 74 Saudi Offers managed and supported by TTS’ Professional Resources – 9 out of 10 Saudi Offers are supported by TTS
  • 1st Company to manage / support 24 Offers in one year in Saudi – 2007 – ‘SA FIRST EVER’
  • Only company (anywhere) to manage and support 7 concurrent / overlapping IPOs with 4 different Lead Managers – ‘A GCC FIRST EVER’

To Implement / Support an Exchange Hosted Offer Management Solution (DFM)

  • Successful IPOs – Marka and Emaar Real-time use of the iVestorCard to purchase shares – This is a ‘UAE FIRST EVER’ for DFM – ”A GCC FIRST EVER’

To facilitate a UAE Automated ATM Solution using TTS-ipoXML™ in the UAE

  • ENBD enabled 500 ATMs to accept subscriptions for the EMAAR Malls IPO
  • Over 50% of ENBD subscriptions accepted over ATM/Internet Banking and processed during the EMAAR Malls IPO – A ‘UAE FIRST EVER’ for ENBD
  • Over 70% for Dubai Parks

With 14 Banks in Qatar using TTS’ Offer Management Solutions
First ‘GREEN OFFER’ – Tradeable Rights Issue in Saudi Arabia – NO paper forms
16+ Years – supporting 140+ Offerings – 25+ Billion Shares – USD 70+ Billion Size
Oct 16th 2016 – FIRST EVER Blockchain Production App – TTS-eVote™ – in MENA
April 10th 2017 SECOND EVER Blockchain Production App – TTS-AGM™ – in MENA


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TTS aims to help you realize the immense power of software automation for your business growth. For enquiries on our products, solutions and services, please call or send us a message using the form below.

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A software and services company that specializes in end-to-end automation of key business processes in various industry domains. 

Innovation in bringing many new technologies, products and first-of-the-kind solutions to the market has been the hallmark of the company.