Blockchain DLT

What It Is?
Blockchain and DLT is a new way of storing data in a distributed ledger that allows multiple stakeholders to confidently and securely share access to the same information.

Why It Matters?
Blockchain and DLT is providing a new infrastructure upon which the next innovative applications will be built, driving profound and positive changes across business, communities and society.

Blockchain and DLT

Blockchain Technology is not a ‘hammer for all nails.’ Some of those ‘nails’ should be left just the way they are while searching for other quality enhancement/efficient solutions.

Where It’s Going? Beyond cryptocurrencies, Blockchain DLT will supercharge artificial intelligence and IoT to make everything from supply chains to digital identity management smarter and secure.

Why TTS for your Blockchain Requirements?

TTS was the FIRST company, in the MENA region, to implement not one – but two – production level Blockchain Shared Distributed Ledger Applications!

TTS and Blockchain

TTS is a next-generation technology consulting company, committed to building Blockchain Business Network Ecosystems. We are a passionate team of high-performance individuals with a vision to build Blockchain and Shared Distributed Ledger (BCDLT) solutions, that make a difference across the GCC, in the sectors of Insurance, Banking, Government, Healthcare and among the Financial Entities that make up the Capital Markets sector; using the power of technology, people and processes.

  • TTS’ efforts are platform agnostic and we fully understand the Blockchain DLT space very well.
  • TTS has a local presence and access to a pool of domain experts as projects advisors.
What Services do TTS consultants provide?

TTS consultants help you design, build, and operate business solutions. At TTS we create strategic solutions that help companies gain a competitive advantage. We develop online and offline strategies that reduce costs, differentiate services, create new products and optimize value chain relationships.

TTS provides answers end-to-end from a customer, people, organizational, and technological perspective. We have the expertise and experience to take you into the future of eBusiness while preserving your valuable legacy data and reducing time-to-market of your End-to-End Solutions.

Architect/Design, Setup, Develop, Implement, Test/UAT, Deploy, Training/Support and maintenance. Speed up your validation and adoption of blockchain DLT implementations.

TTS offers the following services:

  • POC development / Use case development services
  • Blockchain application development (Custom solutions)
  • Permission based blockchain development solutions
  • Cryptocurrency development
  • STO development, ICO services
  • Blockchain solution architecture services
  • Smart contract development services
  • Token / security audits
  • Asset Tokenization development services
  • Equity Tokens, legally compliant Asset backed tokens
  • Community management / Ecosystem services
  • Blockchain Training Services, Content Development

Total Technologies and Solutions FZ-LLC

A software and services company that specializes in end-to-end automation of key business processes in various industry domains. 

Innovation in bringing many new technologies, products and first-of-the-kind solutions to the market has been the hallmark of the company.