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Flagship Offer Management Software

  • TTS-IMS™
  • One-stop shop for any Lead Manager
  • 16+ years, 140+ Offerings, 25+ Billion Shares, USD 70+ Billion in value with 20 different entities acting as Lead Manager

FIRST in the MENA Region to implement production level Blockchain Applications

  • TTS-eVote™
  • TTS-AGM™
  • TTS-MeetnVote™

Two UAE Securities Exchanges and five UAE Banks have implemented multiple TTS platform software solutions.

15+ REITs managed in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Our Products

Blockchain / Shared Distributed Ledger Applications


A Blockchain Business Network Framework

TTS-eChain™ enables the development of a Blockchain Specific Platform for Business use within several diverse sectors, i.e. Financial and Banking, Stock Market, Insurance, Medical, Government, and Retail with numerous base features and functionality. Businesses can ramp up quickly by taking advantage of an implementation instead of starting application development from scratch.


Remote Shareholder/Proxy voting (employing Blockchain technology)

The eVoting solution requires the Shareholder / Proxy to submit appropriate identity information to be verified through EID, NIN, Invitation Code (OTP). Once their identity is verified, the Shareholder / Proxy can register for the meeting with attendance marked as ‘present’.


Onsite and Virtual AGM/EGM meeting and electronic voting management

TTS-MeetnVote™ automates the onsite and virtual Meeting and Voting process including shareholding file management, holding verification, Proxy Management, Resolution and Candidate Bio setup and management, Shareholder Invitation / Notification, Attendance / Quorum management, Voting and election management, live streaming, etc.

Other Applications – Non Blockchain Applications


A Hosted Primary Capital Market Solution

TTS-ipoServ™ is a complete business and technical outsourcing solution offered for Lead Managers to manage single, multiple, concurrent and/or overlapping primary market offerings. TTS-ipoServ™ is supported by experienced and qualified business managers, subject matter experts and technical consultants with an excellent track record of managing single and multiple offerings.


IPO Management System (Flagship product)

TTS-IMS™ is a secure and easy-to-use web-based IPO (Initial Public Offering) Management System for Lead Managers and Receiving Banks to manage an IPO offer with ease. TTS-IMSTM automates the entire IPO Management Process by providing a single comprehensive solution to the Lead Manager and the Receiving Banks for monitoring performance, reporting and the management of IPO activities.


Tradable Rights Issue Management System

TTS-tRights™ is a comprehensive and secure solution that automates the Tradable Rights Issue process on behalf of Lead Managers and their Receiving Agents, i.e. banks. The multi-threaded software Supports screening, cleanup, consolidation and upload of shareholder data.


Private Placement Offer Management System

TTS-PPS™ a secure and easy to use web-based Private Placement Management solution for Floatation/Lead Manager and participating Banks, Institutions and Financial Houses. TTS-PPSTM serves as a centralized solution to all the Stakeholders of the Private Placement Offer.


Book Building Offer Management System

A high performance, secure, stable and robust web-based solution that automates the entire Book Building (Price Discovery) process for Floatation /Lead Managers and participating Institutions / Financial Houses with provisions for monitoring by Regulatory / Governing bodies. TTS-Book™ serves as a centralized solution for all documentation and processes involved.


Shareholder Information & Management System

TTS-ShareInfoTM is a robust and highly functional web-based Shareholder Information and Management System for large company shareholder affairs management and for service providers managing multiple company shareholder affairs. TTS-ShareInfo™ automates all the operations handled by a typical shareholder affairs department including dividends processing & distribution, meetings, elections etc.


Internal Offer Management System (for Receiving Banks only)

A secure and easy-to-use web-based IPO Management System for Receiving Banks.  Features include subscription collection via multiple customer channels, multiple IPO support, subscriber identity verification and processes for timely allocation, refund, reconciliation and depository upload. 


Initial Public Offer Management System (for Lead Managers only)

The application entails an Integrated Subscription Management System (and Professional Services) that will eliminate existing manual ‘Pain Points’ in the Subscription Management workflow processes.


Shareholder register / transfer System

TTS-RegistrarTM fully automates the Shareholder information management activities including shareholding file management, Certificate Management, Share Transfer management, Corporate Acton process management, Printing facilities, Notification and alerts facilities, corrections, reporting, etc.


Dividend Distribution and Tracking Management Solution (Selected Paying Agent Banks use only)

TTS-eDivPay™ fully automates the dividend disbursement and management activities including shareholding file management, account verification, payment file creation, payment distribution to accounts, cheque printing, mailed cheque tracking, manage returned cheques, reconciliation, corrections, reporting, etc.


Dividend Distribution and Tracking Solution (Exchange use only)

TTS-eDivMan™ automates the dividend disbursement and management activities including shareholding file management, account verification, payment file creation, and distribution to paying agents.


Exchange Offer Management System

TTS-IMS-ExchangeTM automates the entire Subscription Management Process by providing a single comprehensive solution to the Exchange, the Capital Market Authority and any Lead Manager and the selected Receiving Entities for Compliance Monitoring -Transparency and Governance reporting as well as the management of all daily Subscription activities.


This application enables customers of any bank in the UAE to participate in the Subscription process for IPOs either managed by the Bank hosting the application or where the Bank acts as a Receiving Bank.


Offer Management Solution

TTS-NOMUTM is an Automated Offer Management Solution for the Small and Medium Enterprises within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 300 to 500 listings are initially expected over the next 3 to 5 years. Processing is like that of TTS-IPO™.


TTS-REIT™ is an application that used by Investment Banks to manage the on-boarding and processing of Investor’s information (and the movement of funds) wishing to participate in the purchase of units in a Real Estate Investment Trust. Online Collection, Agregation, Calculation, Reporting and Allocation are all accomplished before the creation of the Exchange upload file for the listing of the REIT.

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