Solutions and Services

  • Top of the Line Solutions, All Best in Class and Available From a Single Source
  • Bridge the gaps in your Existing ERP (and non-ERP) Systems
  • Best-in-Class Technologies, Best-in-Class Solutions, Best-in-Class Results, Architect/Design, Setup, Develop, Implement, Test/UAT, Deploy, Training/Support and maintenance.
  • Primary Market Offer Management
  • Investor Website Management (IPOs and Rights Issues)
  • SME Primary Offer Management (IPOs and Rights Issues)
  • Real Estate Investment Offer Management (REIT)
  • Dividend Payment and Disbursement Management
  • AGM and Meeting Management
  • Live Streaming of Meetings
  • Proxy / Remote Voting Management (eVoting)
  • Always-available Infrastructures and Applications
  • Risk Management
  • Revenue Optimization
  • EAI and B2B Integrations
  • Optimized Business Processes
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Audit and Data Security
  • Delivered by experienced business and IT professionals
  • Project Management
  • Problem analysis and solution assessment
  • Project Planning
  • Application architecture and infrastructure assessments
  • Business process analysis
  • Interface assessments and design
  • Complex technology integration
  • Data analysis, extraction, translation, cleansing, and conversion
  • Evaluation of vendor software/hardware products
  • Comprehensive solution integration and managed deployment
  • Implementation strategies addressing seamless deployment and transition planning
  • Training
  • Custom software engineering and development

TTS Methodology

The TTS approach consists of six key phases that enable businesses to define and implement their “go-to-market” strategy:
1. Strategize: Articulates the overall strategy, business plan, or operational model.
2. Define: Identifies mission critical initiatives for prioritization and implementation, obtains consensus within an organization, identifies “best” products and vendors, and creates proofs of concepts.
3. Build: Builds and implements the required solutions along with the intra/inter-organizational processes across the Internet.
4. Run: Launches and operates flexible and scalable business solutions.
5. Measure: Track and compare the results with the established benchmarks.
6. Refine: Continue to compare against Best Practices and modify when needed.

TTS is a Business Technology Services Provider

TTS provides systems integration expertise and technical development work in highly-complex within financial services areas the Capital Markets sector. This includes Enterprise Architecture & Strategy, Application Development & Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Software Infrastructure Management and Cloud Computing.

Technology Consulting
TTS has a strong team of financial services consultants who can tackle our clients’ toughest technology problems. Our technical business analysts understand complex business needs and create and implement practical Target State Architectures.

Application Development
TTS believes in developing applications that advance our clients’ digital strategies. We work with clients to build highly-customized applications. Our Application Development services include Architecture & Design, Development, Setup, Test/UAT, Deployment, Maintenance & Production Support.

Enterprise Architecture & Cloud
We work with clients to enhance, restructure, migrate, and develop architectures to support their transformation and innovation initiatives. Our Cloud services include expertise with Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Internet-as-a-Service.

Systems Integration
TTS is GCC Systems Integrators for specialist technology solutions. Our experts have experience across front, middle, and back-office applications across all asset classes.

Microservices and API Development
A Microservices-based architecture introduces a change that is often well received by those creating modern applications seeking increased productivity and faster applications. We are working with clients to achieve the benefits of a microservices architecture, which include increased deployability, reliability, availability, scalability, modifiability, and better DevOps alignment. We also are working with firms on their Application Programming Interface (API) strategies.

Business Process Management
TTS offers technology and strategic services related to business process management including implementation, BPM as a service drawing on our cloud expertise. We also work with firms on process architecture, legacy modernization, business process competence centers and release management.

Blockchain and Shared Distributed Ledger Technologies
TTS consultants help you design, build, and operate business solutions. At TTS we create strategic solutions that help companies gain a competitive advantage. We develop online and offline strategies that reduce costs, differentiate services, create new products and optimize value chain relationships.

TTS will provide Architect/Design, Setup, Develop, Implement, Test/UAT, Deploy, Training/Support and maintenance of your Company’s incursion into the BCSDL universe.

Total Technologies and Solutions FZ-LLC

A software and services company that specializes in end-to-end automation of key business processes in various industry domains. 

Innovation in bringing many new technologies, products and first-of-the-kind solutions to the market has been the hallmark of the company.