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TTS-IMS™ ©2004

TTS-Rights™ ©2007


TTS-IPO™ ©2008

TTS-DivPay™ ©2010

TTS-IMS-LM™ ©2012

TTS-IMS-Exchange™ ©2012

TTS-eDivPay™ ©2012

TTS-IMS-RB™ ©2012

TTS-Registrar™ ©2013

TTS-Meet-N-Vote™ ©2013

TTS-tRI™ ©2015

TTS-eVote™ ©2015

TTS-REIT™ ©2016

TTS-AGM™ ©2016

TTS-BC-AGM™ ©2016

TTS-BCeVote™ ©2016

TTS-NOMU™ ©2016

TTS-IWS™ ©2017


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Total Technologies and Solutions FZ-LLC

A software and services company that specializes in end-to-end automation of key business processes in various industry domains. 

Innovation in bringing many new technologies, products and first-of-the-kind solutions to the market has been the hallmark of the company.